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"There were children everywhere smiling, laughing, running around just super excited about Event Day. There was simply nothing but pure, absolute joy in the air. I can still remember that feeling to this day. And to this day that is why I SWAB."

Grant Bennett, Sophomore

"I just felt so much joy to be there and help my mentee pick out all their favorite things at Walmart. I had the best day and knew that SWAB was an organization that was going to change my UGA life."

Josie Dennis, Sophomore

the little girl I was with was very shy and apprehensive at first but watching her grow out of her shell was so heart warming. By the end of the day we were singing and dancing together and knowing that SWAB brought her so much joy completely brightened my day and made my heart swell.

Molly Maupin, Sophomore

"My favorite memory from SWAB was riding on the Oasis bus to pick up children who speak Spanish at JJ Harris. Riding on the bus and telling the kids about event day, and what they were about to walk into was too fun. We all took turns sharing what we wanted this holiday season for the duration of the bus ride, and the vibes were truly joyful!

Coleman LeMoine, Sophomore

"My favorite moment was wrapping all the gifts for our mentees on event day during my freshman year on FYC. Even though we couldn't meet them face to face, wrapping their gifts was such a fun way to celebrate the children and the holidays safely."

Megan DeRusha, Freshman

"We had to change so many pivotal parts of event day due to COVID-19 restrictions set by the CDC, yet seeing the children and families we serve from a distance after a year of being separated was extremely impactful. It reignited my passion for service and love for our organization."

Connor Giresi, Junior

"I had so much fun on Event Day 2020 hyping up all the mentees as they came through the drive through! It was so special to be able to see the level of enthusiasm and SWAB spirit despite having Event Day look different than the year before."

Sarah Ann Ninan, Junior

"It was an amazing time to get to know them better and just enjoy the company with other people who shared the same mission of celebrating the children of Athens."

Khemisha Brown, Junior

"Meeting students from all walks of campus through my first year on Committee to then having some of those become friends I can't imagine being at UGA without!"

Lauren Perlman, Junior

"My favorite memory of SWAB was watching my mentee's excitement as we ran around Walmart finding the gifts that she loved!"

Taylor Pierce, Sophomore

"Seeing the pure joy and huge smile on her face as we flew down the isles of Walmart picking out gifts was absolutely infectious."

Elena Mitchell, Sophomore

"My favorite memory was one of our FYC meetings, where we all got together at Lake Herrick and sat outside painting pumpkins right before Halloween."

Sam Thompson, Freshman

"It was my first time in SWAB this year and I just loved seeing everyone working together and having such positive attitudes even with COVID-19!"

Abby Cushing, Freshman

"My roommate and I have mentored together every year, and it's one of those experiences that I've got to have with my best friend that can never be replaced or forgotten."

Sydney Leiter, Sophomore

"My mentee was so sweet and I ran into them afterwards and talked for a while about school and how they were doing. "

Daelyn Turner, Junior

"My first year at SWAB I got paired up with a girl who was very shy and did not want to leave her parents. Her parents ended up coming to Event Day with her and she rode in the car with them on the way there. However, by the end of the day we were all having so much fun that she wanted to ride back with us and did not want to leave when the day was over! She made my whole SWAB experience so incredible and I am so grateful to have experiences like this through SWAB!"

Merryn Ruthling, Junior

"I have met some of my best friends through SWAB, and I am so thankful that I get to be a part of the SWAB fam!"

Riley Heitmann, Freshman

"Getting to meet other mentors and see how so many different people came together to support each other and the children!"

Liv Ward, Sophomore

"She loved dancing to Drake in the morning before Walmart. She was just so excited, and we all had so much fun shopping and wrapping. Saying goodbye was definitely bittersweet, but I knew after that day, I had to be a part of the #SWABFAM forever!"

Camryn Lopusnak, Junior

"We did a super fun scavenger hunt all around Tate and the surrounding area for all the ambassadors to find their group leader. As a group leader, it was so fun to meet and talk and do icebreakers with so many of the ambassadors until I met my group at the end!"

Ali Bengtson, Junior

"It taught me how important it is to serve a community that gives so much to us as UGA students."

Ally Whiteis, Sophomore

"Being able to spend the day with my mentee and build a connection with her was by far my favorite."

Lariscy Brooks, Sophomore

"One of my favorite SWAB memories was getting to be partnered up with my best friend to take a kid shopping! The three of us had the best time together and laughed nonstop."

Caroline Lindsey, Junior

"Knowing that what you're doing is truly serving someone and making an impact is such an incredible feeling." 

Hannah Johnson, Junior

"It was such a welcoming and positive community!"

Lauren Johnson, Freshman

"It was a very special day to me because I was alongside amazing friends and we got to celebrate so many incredible kids from the community. The SWAB family has an obvious passion for the community and it's people, and it has inspired me so much in my time at UGA."

Sydney Cottle, Sophomore

"My favorite SWAB memory has been celebrating the students I interact with through student teaching on Event Day! They will spot me and exclaim “Miss Sophie, (mistakenly, innocently saying “Mrs. Sophie” most of the time), I didn’t know you’d be here!” Such interactions deepen my love and passion for both Shop With A Bulldawg and education. It is so encouraging when these two worlds collide!"

Sophie Brown, Junior

"I loved getting to meet people from other parts of SWAB, as well as becoming closer with the other people in FYC."

Ava Grace Samford, Freshman

"I loved having fun and listening to music on the second event day last semester!"

Emily Theisen, Freshman

"My partner and I were sitting on the ground with our mentee just drawing pictures and making sculptures out of pipe cleaners. Our kid was talking about how excited she was to play with all her new toys and it was really just a great moment all around."

Brandon Pioso, Junior

"His excitement made me smile and brought so much joy into my day."

Madison McCauley, Sophomore

"To spend time with the little girl I was matched with and get to know her passions."

Kate Kostuch, Sophomore

"She was so enthusiastic and eager to find toys and clothes. On the way back from Walmart, she fell asleep on my partner's shoulder."

Maya Patel, Sophomore

"He was genuinely so excited and joyful to receive all of his wrapped gifts, which made it the highlight of my SWAB experience."

Lindsay Kilpatrick, Freshman

"Serving these phenomenal children is one of the many privileges I am grateful SWAB gives me."

Coleman LeMoine, Sophomore

"My favorite memory from SWAB was getting to shop with mentee my freshmen year."

Lizzy Murphy, Sophomore

"Nothing has compared to the feeling of walking into the Classic Center that morning, seeing exec and committee already bustling about with all the decorations up, and everyone ready to make that day great."

Chris Sprung, Junior

"I love shopping with the kids!"

Caleb Smathers, Sophomore

"My favorite SWAB memory was seeing the kids’ faces when we took the bags of gifts to their cars during our drive through event day!"

Elizabeth Moshiri, Freshman




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