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Mentors are the backbone of SWAB. They are paired with children every Event Day to go shopping!

How it works:

GET EXCITED! This year we are holding a normal Event Day where you will be able to shop with a child! In this layout, two UGA students are paired together with an elementary student from the Athens community (known as a mentee). Each participating UGA student raises $60 before Event Day for a combined total of $120 per mentee.

Mentors can either pick their partner or go random and make a new friend!

On Event Day, mentors and mentees spend the day together shopping, wrapping gifts, and enjoying fun activities!

Event Day 2022 will be on November 6th, 2022. 

Sign ups are now closed.


IMG_1344 (1).jpg


- Raise $60, so that your child can have a total budget of $120

- Attend a mandatory mentor training the week of Event Day

-Turn in a background check and registration fee of $20

- Come to Event Day during your assigned shift time and have fun!

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