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Why we swab

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"There were children everywhere smiling, laughing, running around just super excited about event day. There was simply nothing but pure, absolute joy in the air. I can still remember that feeling to this day. And to this day that is why I SWAB."
- Grant Bennett


"It was an amazing time to get to know them better and just enjoy the company with other people who shared the same mission of celebrating the children of Athens."
- Khemisha Brown


"It taught me how important it is to serve a community that gives so much to us as UGA students."
- Ally Whiteis

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"I just felt so much joy to be there and help my mentee pick out all their favorite things at Walmart. I had the best day and knew that SWAB was an organization that was going to change my UGA life."
- Josie Dennis

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"Event day was a very special day to me because I was alongside amazing friends and we got to celebrate so many incredible kids from the community. The SWAB family has an obvious passion for the community and it's people, and it has inspired me so much in my time at UGA."
-Sydney Cottle

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"She was so enthusiastic and eager to find toys and clothes. On the way back from Walmart, she fell asleep on my partner's shoulder."
- Maya Patel

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